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Civil Laws

We are a Leading Law firm in Bangalore that deals with civil cases. We have a team of specialized Civil lawyers to advise you and provide legal solutions. We have been providing legal assistance for civil litigation such as property law, succession property recovery of debts, and family issues. We have a team of expert Civil Lawyers.

We also handle cases such as:

  • Summary suits
  • Recovery of money
  • Declaration suits
  • Personal Injury Suits
  • Other Suits

Property Laws

We offer a wide range of services to help you with any property-related matters. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all property laws and will make sure you don't make any oversights. Property regulation things can be complicated and contain several legal guidelines along with the local laws of the place the property is located.

We have a sizable grasp of the local property practices, which is very vital in efficiently dealing with property matters in Karnataka. We signify buyers, marketers, and builders of residential and commercial properties. We are experienced with all aspects of property matters, such as sales, acquisitions, leases, documentation, drafting, and registering.

We are proficient in:

  • Legal Opinions
  • Conducting property due diligence
  • Giving assessment on complex legitimate issues corresponding to property title
  • Verification of property documents
  • Advising clients joint development of the property & construction contracts
  • Handling disputes arising out of construction contracts
  • Drafting and evaluating different agreements, deeds, and contracts.

Family Law

We handle a wide range of family law disputes, including divorce, child custody, alimony, domestic violence charges, and 498-a cases. We pay attention to the intricacies of your case and adjust strategic guidance to your needs to achieve the desired result. We not only provide legal advice but also present you with a variety of solutions for reaching your desired outcome.

We provide assistance in all these matters from consultation to documentation and representation before the Family Courts. Our team is also trained to handle family matters with the utmost confidentiality.

Criminal Law

We at RG Associates assist the clients with understanding criminal laws. Further, the customer is clarified about the trail of the case and furthermore on the most proficient method to defend and what documentation is needed to help the case consequently thereby positive result-oriented.

Our legal counselors have a solid comprehension of prosecution methodologies, and excellent contesting abilities in the courts in a productive way.

The Criminal matters we handle include:

  • Cheating and Fraud
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Bail and Anticipatory Bail Petition
  • Criminal Review Petition
  • Criminal Appeal
  • Domestic Violence Complaints
  • Dishonour of Cheque
  • Cyber Crime
  • Criminal Breach of Trust & Cheating

Cheque Bounce Cases

RG Associates is a reputed Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Bangalore. They are specialized in Cheque Bounce Cases and have successfully fought many cases for Cheque Bouncing as per Indian Law and also undertake all matters relating to cheque bounce.

We have managed a broad assortment of Check Bounce cases with a high pace of accomplishment. Check Bounce cases can be hazardous in that most occasions the sum is lacking to take the essayist of the check straightforwardly to Court. The Negotiable Instruments Act sets out a cycle with courses of events for handling Check Bounce cases. Our legal counselors are skilled in taking care of such cases and guaranteeing that the lawful advances important are taken inside the set timetables.

Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) Cases

We handle all types of DRT cases, the team is extremely proud of its wide expertise and talents in articulating the facts and interpreting the law for the best interests of our clients before regulatory bodies such as DRT.

We handle all sorts of litigations before the Debt Recovery Tribunals(DRT) and Appeal at Debt Recovery Tribunals.

Legal Opinions

Legal opinion is usually a written opinion by an advocate. We can facilitate you with our legal opinion or assist you in obtaining one from counsel. We feel that our recommendations are practical and will assist you in making sound judgments and following the right strategy.

We provide legal advice on property matters, commercial matters, and other topics.

Documentations & Convince

RG Associates provides extraordinary Drafting and Conveyance services to their clients. We have experience working with corporate and commercial deeds, agreements, contracts, bonds, and other legal authoritative documents in this category. Our primary aim is to provide the most ideal and legitimate types of assistance to our clients. We are the most preferred choice since we have broad involvement with documentation.

Documents we draught and vet are

Deedes like Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Conveyance Deed, Partnership Deed, Transfer Deed, Trust Deed, Release Deed, Mortgage Deed.

Agreements like Agreement for Sale, Joint Venture Agreement, Service Agreement, Supply Agreement, Marketing Agreement, Job Contracts, NDA, Business Contracts, and many other documents.

Will, MOU, Power of Attorney, etc.